Parish of St Wilfrid, Widnes

Mass & Service Times

Sunday Mass Times

Saturday Vigil  St Basil 16.30
  St John Fisher 18.00
Sunday St  Bede  9.00
  St Michael 10.15
  St Bede 11.30
  Holy Family, Cronton 16.00                  


Weekday Mass Times (see parish newsletter for weekday varations)

As a parish, one of our priorities is the care of those who are bereaved, we receive daily requests for Requiem Masses and Funeral Services in a particular church at a particular time, and we always try and accommodate the families wishes at what is a difficult time.

Another priority is to offer a weekday Mass in each of the four churches in the parish. We will attempt to ensure that this happens, but I ask you all to read the liturgy page in the newsletter every week and do not presume that the Mass is always at a certain time on a certain day in a particular church. We need to be vigilant and read the newsletter! Thank you!


  St Basil

  9.00am  Exposition & Morning Prayer

  9.30am   Holy Mass


  St Bede

  11.30 Exposition & Holy Rosary

  12 Noon Holy Mass


  St Bede

  11.30 Exposition & Evening Prayer

  12 Noon Holy Mass


  St Michael

  11.30am Exposition & Holy Rosary

  12 Noon Holy Mass


  St John Fisher

  9.00am Exposition & Morning Prayer

  9.30am Holy Mass

  First Saturday of the Month

  St Bede

  10.00am Holy Mass

  10.30am Confessions 


St Bede's Church is open for private prayer Monday to Friday 10.00am - 13:00pm


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