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Synod 2020 Official Website
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Follow this link to the official Archdiocese Synod 2020 website for more information.

Archdiocese of Liverpool Vocations Facebook Page
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Click here to see the Archdiocese of Liverpool Vocations Facebook page

St Wilfrid's Children's Liturgy Group Facebook Page
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Follow this link to see what St Wilfrid's Children's Liturgy group are doing to keep the flame of faith alive in the children of our parish.

Archdiocese of Liverpool Flickr
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Link to photos of the Archdiocese of Liverpool

Data Protection (GDPR) Privacy Notice
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Link to Liverpool Archdiocese Data Protection Privacy Notice

Medaille Trust
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The Medaille Trust is a charity founded by groups of Religious congregations in 2006 to work against the evils of human trafficking congregations in response to the plight of thousands of people who are being trafficked into the UK each year. The Trust has been a significant provider of support and safe house provision for the victims of human trafficking since then and continues to deliver outstanding care ten years on. The primary mission of The Medaille Trust is the empowerment of women, men and children, who have been freed from the human-trafficking and the modern day slavery industry in the UK, enabling them to regain their dignity and self-worth. We do this by providing safe housing and offering opportunities for physical and psychological healing, rehabilitation and protection to the victims in our care. Since 2006 the Trust continues to grow and meet the needs of the increasing number of victims identified in the UK. Now, 11 years on The Medaille Trust operate from 9 safe houses providing up to 109 bed spaces at any one time to women, men and children. Our current range of safe house provision offers 5 dedicated women’s houses, 3 male houses and 1 specialist family centre. Two of these are now for 2nd stage move on support. With our range of safe houses located across the country the trust can offer a warm and safe home with a loving team of staff to assist with the 1st stage of the victim’s recovery.

Project Paria
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Project Paria aims to help people living in the rural communities of the Bolivian Altiplano. We do this by providing small grants to individuals and groups, with the overriding principle that whatever we do, it is with the aim of helping people to help themselves. Whether it is short term medical aid or long term assistance with education, everyone connected with the Project recognises that only through this model can the people of Paria truly thrive.

Pax Christi
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Pax Christi is a membership organisation of individuals, families, communities and parishes from around the country. Our members are our greatest asset. We have an office team of three full-time staff and one part-time staff , an editor and a team of volunteers. Pax Christi has an Executive Committee, elected from within the membership, who help to guide the work of the movement. Our National President is Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, of Liverpool Archdiocese.

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CAFOD is the official international aid and development agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, mandated by the Bishops to deliver its mission on poverty and injustice. From its roots in actions led by women in Catholic parishes across England and Wales more than 50 years ago, CAFOD has been an expression of the compassion of the Catholic community of England and Wales and its solidarity with the poorest and most marginalised, regardless of faith, gender, race, ethnicity or other defining features.

Vatican News
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News from the Vatican

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We offer a diverse range of support to adults and children through our schools, care homes, community and social work services and social enterprise. We work at the heart of some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. We strive to generate interest, awareness and understanding of issues around poverty and social welfare and the impact of this on our wider communities.

Archdiocese of Liverpool
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The Archdiocese of Liverpool extends from the Mersey to the Ribble and encompasses parts of Lancashire, north Cheshire, Greater Manchester and the Isle of Man. The Catholic population of this area is 574,150 (November 2013) and mass attendance figures stand at 54,772.