Our Parish Synod Members

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On Sunday the 3 February 2019, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon inaugurated Synod 2020. The Service included the words of Proclamation of Synod 2020 which will be held from 17-18 October 2020, followed by the Liturgy of Commissioning where all Synod Members made their Profession of Faith. The Service concluded with a 'Liturgy of Light and Sending,' inviting us to pray for the work to be done by the 500 members of the Synod.

Here in the parish of St Wilfrid's we have 12 Parish Synod Members including the Clergy and our Pastoral Associate.

Our Parish Synod Members:

Annemarie Roberts, Fr Bill Murphy, Fr Carl Mugan, Denise Roberts, Francis Xavier Fernandes, Jessy Mottram-Noé, Fr Joe Bibby, Bishop John Rawsthorne, Judell Almeida, Fr Mike Fitzsimons, Molly Neild, Paul Higginson, Pauline Rolt, Peter Moriarty, Shirley Jones,  Sophie Volynchook, Sue Horley, Susan Warburton, Tony Rudder.

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