St Vincent de Paul Society

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There is a District Council overseeing two SVP conferences in the Parish of St Wilfrid's - St Bede's SVP & St Basil's SVP.

The conferences meet fortnightly, and the primary aims are to visit the sick and housebound & those in hospital. Prayer is the main focus and is always conducted before every meeting.

The original concept of the SVP was to visit the poor and help them financially where possible. Times have changed where poverty takes many forms and covers a variety of causes, i.e. loneliness, mental health, dementia and other social issues.

The SVP try as much as possible to help, however when they realise that specialist treatment etc is required they will refer to other agencies who are trained to deal with such matters.

If you feel that you would like to become involved in the work the SVP does please contact the Parish Office on           0151 422 1772


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